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~ Billheads, Covers, etc. ~

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1855 Cutter, Tower & Co. Billhead OM.jpg (45515 bytes) Cutter, Tower & Co., Boston, MA, 1855. Stationer selling embossing and seal presses and other items.   
1870 Secombe Mfg Billhead OM.jpg (98105 bytes) Secombe Manufacturing Co., New York, NY, 1870. Manufacturer of ribbon hand stamps and marking wheels.

1865_Date_Stamp_OMc.jpg (12494 bytes)
1865 Secombe Ribbon Hand Stamp

1887 Hammon Type Writer Letterhead OM.jpg (17930 bytes) O. C. Blackmer, Chicago, IL, 1887. Distributor for The Hammond Type Writer Co.

1880 1883 Hammond front.jpg (49684 bytes)
Hammond Typewriter

1889 Forrester Billhead OM zz.jpg (51576 bytes) Samuel Forrester, Allegheny, PA, 1889. Patentee and manufacturer of Forrester lead and slate pencil sharpener. Three models patented 1884, 1885, and 1887.

1887_Forrester_Pencil_Sharpener.jpg (61812 bytes)
1887 Forrester Pencil Sharpener

Smith Premier No. 1 copper printing block OM.JPG (81153 bytes)
1899 Smith Premier Typewriter Co. Letterhead OM.JPG (38793 bytes)
Smith Premier Typewriter Co., Syracuse, NY, 1889 (copper plate), 1899 (letterhead). Manufacturer of the Smith Premier typewriter. Top photograph on left shows a copper plate used to print an advertisement for the Smith Premier No. 1. .
1891 Standard Automatic Safety Punch OM.jpg (42214 bytes) W. F. Stark & Co., New York, NY, 1891. Patentee and wholesale distributor of the Standard Automatic Safety Punch. This check protector was manufactured by Hoggson & Pettis Manufacturing Co., New  Haven, CT.

See Russo, Office Collectibles, p. 89.

Lightning Check Punch trade card.jpg (70560 bytes) The Lightning Check Punch Co, Bridgeport, CT, trade card. The Lightning Check Punch was patented in 1890 and advertised in 1891-92.

1890_Lightning_Check_Punch_OM.JPG (36329 bytes)
1890 Lightning Check Punch

1892 Godell Company Letterhead OM.jpg (50956 bytes) Goodell Company, Antrim, NH, 1892. Successor to the Perfect Pencil Pointer Company as manufacturer of the Perfect Pencil Pointer, a pencil sharpener patented in 1890. Goodell's letter offers the machine with a wood base for $1.00 and with a metal base for $1.25. Goodell also made cutlery, apple and potato parers, and hammock chairs. (Letterhead courtesy of Howard Levin)

1890_Perfect_OM.JPG (22794 bytes)
1890 Perfect Pencil Pointer

1893 Gould & Cook Cover OM.jpg (43465 bytes) Gould & Cook, Leominister, MA, 1893. Manufacturer of the Gem Pencil Sharpener and comb and button machinery.

Gem_Front_YAC.jpg (9078 bytes)
1886 Gem Pencil Sharpener

1894 Francis D. Clark Rolling Top Desk Billhead OM.jpg (36060 bytes) Francis D. Clark, New York, NY, 1896. Distributor of rolling top desks and other office furniture.

See Early Office Museum exhibits of office photographs.

1897 Hotchkiss Star printing block OM.JPG (44462 bytes) E. H. Hotchkiss Co., Norwalk, CT, 1897. Manufacturer of the Star Paper Fastener. The picture to the left shows a copper plate used to print an advertisement. .
1900 Dixon Stock Certificate OM.jpg (57711 bytes) Joseph Dixon Crucible Co., Jersey City, NJ, 1900. Manufacturer of pencils, crucibles, stove polish, lubricants and other graphite products. Dixon introduced three early mechanical pencil sharpeners in 1885, 1889, and 1902, respectively.

1885_Dixon_Lamson_Front_NNCT.jpg (40977 bytes)
1885 Dixon Pencil Sharpener

1907 Fox Typewriter Co. Letterhead OM.jpg (50822 bytes) Fox Typewriter Co., Grand Rapids, MI, 1907. Manufacturer of Fox typewriters. .
1907_FF_Mfg._Co._Detroit_Pencil_Sharpener_OM.JPG (45739 bytes) F & F Manufacturing Co., Detroit, MI, 1907. Manufacturer of pencil sharpeners. .
1907 Alex. H. Irvin Billhead OM.jpg (40000 bytes) Alex. H. Irvin Company, Curwensville, PA, 1907. Long-time distributor of Hotchkiss paper fasteners (staplers) and staples.

1898_Hotchkiss_No._1_OM.jpg (26129 bytes)
1898 Hotchkiss No. 1 Paper Fastener

1909 Automatic Pencil Sharpener Co. Billhead OM.jpg (63774 bytes) Automatic Pencil Sharpener Co., New York, NY, 1909. Manufacturer of the US Automatic Pencil Sharpener. The US Automatic was patented in 1906 and introduced to the market in 1907. The Automatic Pencil Sharpener Co. was founded in 1907.

US_Auto_Oil_Cup_front_OMS.JPG (41292 bytes)
1906 US Automatic Pencil Sharpener

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