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Early Office Museum

Antique Mechanical Pencil Sharpener Gallery
 ~ 1920-1950s ~

We have excluded from this exhibit machines that use two planetary cylindrical cutters because these differ only in appearance from machines in the exhibit covering the 1910s.  As a result, most of the machines from the 1920s-1950s in this exhibit are from Continental Europe.

Model, Year, Maker

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Graffco Pencil Sharpener
Advertised 1920, 1927
George B. Graff Co.
Boston, MA
The Graff Co. was licensed by F. S. Webster Co. to use its 1910 patent for the Webster Pencil Sharpener.
1920 Graffco front OM.JPG (14511 bytes)
Graffco Pencil Sharpener
Advertised 1921-27
George B. Graff Co.
Boston, MA
1920 Graffco Front BTC.jpg (10449 bytes)
DIMA Pencil Sharpener
Patented 1921
Tavannes Watch Co.
Tavannes, Switzerland
Dima_pencil_sharpener_side.jpg (75824 bytes)
1921 Dima Top MLCT.jpg (11062 bytes)
Iduna Pencil Sharpener
Patented 1921-22 ~ Advertised 1922-39
Idea AG
Leipzig, Germany
Photograph courtesy of Rev. Donald Lindgren
1921 Iduna ukdon.jpg (67691 bytes)
S.A.A.D Pencil Sharpener (top)
(a.k.a. Royal Sovereign Pencil Sharpener (bottom))
Patented 1922 (UK), 1923 (US)
Societé Anonyme Anciens Ateliers A. Dandrieux
Paris, France
1923_SAAD.jpg (91606 bytes)
1923_Royal_Sovereign_Front_SQCT.jpg (17252 bytes)
Olympic Pencil Sharpener
J. M Paillard
Photograph courtesy of Jim Gehring
Olympic_J._M._Paillard_France_OM.jpg (29891 bytes)
Pencil Sharpener
Continental Europe
1920s_Continental_European_Pencil_Sharpener_OM.jpg (45751 bytes)
Mignon Pencil Sharpener
Mignon.jpg (39681 bytes)
Pencil Sharpener
Continental Europe
Pencil_sharpener_maybe_French_OM.jpg (46488 bytes)
Granate No. 8 Pencil Sharpener
Continental Europe
GRANATE_No._8_DRGM_OM.JPG (45216 bytes)
Pencil Sharpener
A. Krieg & Cie.
Lausanne, Switzerland
A_Krieg__Cie_pencil_sharpener_Lausanne_Switz.jpg (40025 bytes)
Apollo Pencil Sharpener
Advertised 1931
Johann Faber
1930s_Apollo_Johann_Faber_Germany_OM.JPG (34940 bytes)
Raymond Loewy Pencil Sharpener
Patented 1934
Photograph courtesy of Christie's
Raymond_Loewy_Pencil_Sharpener.jpg (19108 bytes)
Pointmaster Pencil Sharpener
Patented 1936
Marble Co.
Chicago, IL
Also produced with a chrome-plated housing.
1936 Pointmaster black a.jpg (37688 bytes)
Trido Pencil Sharpener
Advertised 1934-39
Trido_pencil_sharpener_front.JPG (44779 bytes)
Trido_pencil_sharpener_back.JPG (45438 bytes)

Trido_pencil_sharpener_cutter.JPG (57732 bytes)
Trioh Pencil Sharpener
Advertised 1939
Wulff & Sager
Hamburg, Germany
Trioh_Wulff__Sager_Hamburg_1.jpg (12605 bytes)
Monkwell Pencil Sharpener (a.k.a. Studium Pencil Sharpener, Neo Derby 795 Pencil Sharpener
Advertised 1939 (Monkwell in U.K.)

Photograph courtesy of Rev. Donald Lindgren
1920s-1930s Monkwell.jpg (25963 bytes)
Iduna II Pencil Sharpener
Iduna_II_Dahle_OM.jpg (28370 bytes)
Wyna Pencil Sharpener (a.k.a. Caran d'Ache Pencil Sharpener)
Alfred Ernst Pencil Sharpener
Alfred Ernst
Pencil_sharpener_Brevet_A._Ernst_Schaffhouse_3.jpg (27465 bytes)
Alfred_Ernst_pencil_sharpener_OM.JPG (31770 bytes)

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