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 ~ Strip Stapling Machines ~

Strip Staples
Some boxes of Hotchkiss strip staples are labeled with a patent date of 1891, while others have a patent date of 1911.
All the machines below, except the Star, Giant Star, and Hotchkiss No. 2 through No. 4 paper fasteners, use the same staples as the Hotchkiss No. 1.

Holder's 1928 catalog of office supplies, p. 289, states the following regarding the Hotchkiss No. 1 through No.4 strip staplers:
"The Nos. 1, 3 and 4 [which have plungers topped by knobs] operate the same. It is only required to strike the plunger a quick, sharp blow to bind paper or cloth.
The No. 2 model [which has a lever rather than a knob] operates with a compressor and has greater capacity than the other styles.
It operates noiselessly and is especially desirable if one objects to or cannot stand the effects of the concussion on the hands in the 'blow' styles."
Office supply stores sold rubber caps that could be put on over the knobs of some staplers to protect the operators' hands.
One of these caps can be seen below in the photo for the Crofoot Paper Fastener No. 525.

Model, Year, Maker

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Star Paper Fastener
Patented 1896 ~ Advertised 1895-1900
Jones Mfg. Co, Norwalk CT
Company name changed to E. H. Hotchkiss Co., Norwalk, CT, in 1897.
Also sold by Hotchkiss without the tail in 1897.
The tails on strip staplers are used to hold long or multiple strips of staples
fastener_plate07.jpg (34229 bytes)
Hotchkiss No. 1 Paper Fastener (model without tail)
Advertised 1898-1924
E. H. Hotchkiss Co.
Norwalk, CT
This model was awarded an Official Ribbon at the National Export Exposition, Philadelphia, PA, in 1899.
1898_Hotchkiss_No._1_z_OM.jpg (26686 bytes)
Giant Star Paper Fastener (right in photo)
Advertised 1900
E. H. Hotchkiss Co., Norwalk, CT
Giant Star on right weighs twice as much as the Star on left.
Star_and_Giant_Star.jpg (44732 bytes)
Hotchkiss No. 2 Paper Fastener
Advertised 1903-30
E. H. Hotchkiss Co.
Norwalk, CT
Hotchkiss_No._2_side_OM.JPG (30373 bytes)
Hotchkiss No. 3 Paper Fastener
Advertised 1905-30
E. H. Hotchkiss Co.
Norwalk, CT
Hotchkiss No. 3 yy OM.JPG (27450 bytes)
Hotchkiss Automatic Tag Machine
Advertised 1905-30
E. H. Hotchkiss Co.
Norwalk, CT
1905 Hotchkiss Automatic Tag Machine.jpg (31894 bytes)
Hotchkiss No. 4 Paper Fastener
Advertised 1907-24
E. H. Hotchkiss Co.
Norwalk, CT
A different (probably earlier) version of the No. 4 was advertised in 1908. 
Two later versions were advertised in 1924-30 and c. 1935, respectively.
Hotchkiss No. 4.jpg (15096 bytes)
Paper Fastener
Patented 1909 in Germany
An almost identical machine, with minor differences in decoration, was made by ISCO
 and advertised in the US as the New International Stapler c. 1911.
Stapler - German seller.jpg (100204 bytes)
Hotchkiss Automatic Tacker
Advertised in Czechoslovakia 1910
E. H. Hotchkiss Co.
Norwalk CT
Hotchkiss_Automatic_Tacker_Hotchkiss_Co_Norwalk_CT_OM.jpg (20742 bytes)
Paper Fastener
Advertised 1910 (Prague, now Czech Republic), 1913 (France)
Probably Germany
1910 German Strip Stapler OM.jpg (18813 bytes)
Paper Fastener 1910 Unmarked Strip Stapler 3 OM.jpg (16964 bytes)
Pratic Stapler
A. Rebichon
Paris, France
Pratic_A_Rebichon_Paris_France_side_1.jpg (45333 bytes)
Pratic Tacker
A. Rebichon
Paris, France
Pratic_Tacker_A_Rebichon_Paris_2.jpg (49479 bytes)
Hotchkiss No. 1 Paper Fastener (model with tail)
Advertised 1912
E. H. Hotchkiss Co.
Norwalk, CT
NCR's 1912 catalog shows this stapler with "The National Cash Register Co. 
Dayton, Ohio U.S.A." on top of the plunger.
All versions of the Hotchkiss No. 1 were sold without and with tails.
1912 Hotchkiss 1 Tail OM.jpg (29112 bytes)
Paper Fastener
Advertised 1913 (France)
1913_Brocheuse_a_agrafes_en_bande.jpg (127312 bytes)
Advertised 1913 (France)
1913_Presse_coup_de_poing_2.jpg (94536 bytes)
Hotchkiss No. 1 Paper Fastener
Patented 1918 ~ Advertised 1917-25
E. H. Hotchkiss Co.
Norwalk, CT

Hotchkiss_1_middle_model_coiled_tail.jpg (250794 bytes)
Greenfield Paper Fastener
Patented 1914 ~ Advertised 1919-22
Greenfield Mfg. Co.
New York, NY
A different model was advertised in 1917.
In 1920, the Greenfield stapler was advertised as having a two-position anvil. In one position, the legs on the staple were bent inward when after the staple was inserted through papers. In the other position, the legs were bent outward to provide a temporary fastener that was straight and could be pulled out as though it were a pin. This is the earliest two-position anvil on a stapler that we have noticed. Two-position anvils became common on magazine stapling machines during the 1930s (Hotchkiss Wire-Stapling Machine, 1931; Neva-Clog Stapler D-30, 1936; Ace Stapler No. 102, 1939).
1914_Greenfield_stapler_OM.JPG (21828 bytes)
Worcester, MA

Courtesy Ronald Rajala
Worcester_stapler_rajala.jpg (54805 bytes)
Crofoot No. 6 Stapler
Patented 1917
J. B. Crofoot Co. (Incorporated 1920)
Chicago, IL
1917_Crofoot_No._6_OM.JPG (36131 bytes)
Advertised 1920
1920_German_strip_stapler_ad.jpg (5081 bytes)
Defiance Paper Fastener & New Irvin Paper Fastener
Patented 1921-26 ~ Five Models Advertised 1917-23 (details below)
Defiance Mfg. Co., New York, NY (1917-19)
The B. Jahn Mfg. Co, New Britain, CT (which manufactured for Alex. H. Irvin Co., Curwensville, PA) (1920-23)
Defiance 1A No Miss advertised 1917-19.
New Irvin 1A, 1920-22; 1B No Miss, 1920-21; 2L, 1921-23; 3, 1921; 4, 1921-22.
Defiance_No_Miss_No._1A_Stapler.jpg (24571 bytes)
Defiance 1A No Miss
1920 Irvin 1B & 1A OM.jpg (28984 bytes)
New Irwin 1B (left) and 1A
Compo Paper Fastener
Patented 1923 ~ Advertised 1921-25
Compo Mfg. Co.
Westport, CT
1923_Compo_stapler.jpg (19707 bytes)
Hotchkiss No. 1 Paper Fastener
Patented 1925 ~ Advertised 1921-50 (without tail)
Advertised 1924, c. 1935 (with tail)
E. H. Hotchkiss Co.
Norwalk, CT
1925_Hotchkiss_No._1_side_OMx.jpg (22620 bytes)
Hotchkiss Unit Paper Fastener
Advertised 1923-26
E. H. Hotchkiss Co.
Norwalk, CT
1923 Hotchkiss Unit OM.jpg (8560 bytes)
Crofoot Tacker No. 540
Patented 1917-24
J. B. Crofoot Co. (Incorporated 1920)
Chicago, IL
1924 Crofoot OM.jpg (43531 bytes)
Edeno Paper Fastener
Advertised 1925 in U.S.
C. Jacobowitz
Berlin, Germany
1910 Unmarked Strip Stapler 1 OM.jpg (7174 bytes)
Compo Paper Fastener
Advertised 1925
Compo Mfg. Co.
Westport, CT
1920s Compo 2 OMS.JPG (15326 bytes)
Hotchkiss No. 2 Paper Fastener
Advertised 1925-37
E. H. Hotchkiss Co.
Norwalk, CT
1925_Hotchkiss_No._2_OM.jpg (22168 bytes)
Hotchkiss No. 4 Paper Fastener
Advertised 1928
E. H. Hotchkiss Co.
Norwalk, CT
Image coming from Horder's 1928 catalog.
XXX.jpg (22168 bytes)
Pyramid Paper Fastener
Pyramid_Paper_Fastener_UK_OM.jpg (16941 bytes)
Crofoot Paper Fastener No. 525
Patented 1928
J. B. Crofoot Co.
Chicago, IL
1933_Crofoot_Co._Mount_Prospect_IL_adx.jpg (226442 bytes)
Courtesy of Mark W. Uslan
Crofoot_No._525_ss.jpg (58659 bytes)
World Paper Fastener World_Stapler_1.jpg (34892 bytes)
World_Stapler_2.jpg (35092 bytes)

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